The daily musings of a substitute teacher in East Central Illinois.

About the Author

My name is Alex T. Valencic. I am a professional educator, a former small business owner, a husband, a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, and an uncle. I am an avid reader. I love watching movies, especially with my wife. I have a passion for music and all fine arts. I want to know everything there is to know about the world, which is one of the main reasons I decided to pursue a career in education. That, and the fact that I absolutely love teaching! I love seeing the light go on as an individual suddenly understands a new concept. I have a sometimes-twisted sense of humour that I work hard at keeping in check.

My wife and I got married on 20 June 2008, a few months before I started working as a substitute teacher. She is my backboard, my support, my life, and an extremely gifted graphic designer. You can check out her work on her website, She is also an avid collector of Snoopy memorabilia.

Feel free to leave questions or comments below!


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