The daily musings of a substitute teacher in East Central Illinois.

New Adventures, New Blog!

Many have asked–okay, only one, actually, but it sounds better to say many–and I have responded!

I will continue to blog my experiences as an educator, but I am moving everything to a new site. Actually, I’ve already moved the content; I just need to sit down with the missus and have her do the awesome designy stuff she does. (It is possible that this will simply entail changing the title in my current header… we shall see.)

Anyway, after much internal debate and mutterings against those who are squatting on the domain name I wanted to use, I have decided that I with henceforth be blogging at Adventures in Teaching Fourth, found at Please update your bookmarks and come on by! I should be having a new post up shortly describing my adventures in organising my classroom with just two weeks of prep!

And with that, I really am done updating Adventures in Substituting – cheerio!

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