The daily musings of a substitute teacher in East Central Illinois.

Victorious Victory of Victories

Today I was once again an English teacher at Mahomet-Seymour High School. I was there for the whole day, so I was able to work with both of my morning classes (Reading I) as well as my two afternoon classes (AP English). When I was last there for the whole day, the first two classes of the day were pretty intense. (And by intense I mean out of control, disrespectful, and downright unpleasant.)

The more I have applied the principles, the more I am coming to appreciate the classroom management system proposed by Doug Mackenzie. While I continue to maintain a philosophy that looks forward to an ideal classroom environment in which students manage themselves, I am enough of a realist to acknowledge that, as a substitute teacher, I simply don’t have enough time to establish such a community. But, gosh darn it, I sure can try!

My first experience with the Reading I classes was essentially a day of constantly telling the boys and girls to stop talking, do their work, stay in their seats, etc., etc., etc. Yesterday was better: it only took about 15 minutes for the students to get settled. I set limits, show the class that I am serious about them, and I praise and encourage to show them that I am not the enemy. In fact, I don’t think of the teacher-student relationship as an us-versus-them relationship; but I do know that there are students who do think this way. So I strive to be personable, open, honest, and respectful at all times. It seems to work.

Today was awesome! The students came in, took their seats, and started on the assigned work for the day. When they finished, they worked quietly on other things. There was no yelling, no running around, no pushing limits; just young men and women who knew what was expected and showed a willingness to do it. I definitely consider this a great victory! Not a personal victory, and certainly not a victory over the students, but a victory of the self.

In other news, I learned today that I am officially considered the “go-to substitute” for the high school. Which is why I was given three more assignments today over the coming weeks. I am really glad to know that my efforts are appreciated and worthwhile. It makes the hard days that much easier to bear.


2 responses

  1. scott

    What can we do in our communities to make classrooms more like the one you had on this day?

    May 7, 2011 at 5:25 pm

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