The daily musings of a substitute teacher in East Central Illinois.

A Pile of Plans

Today I was a 6th grade Language Arts teacher at Mahomet-Seymour Junior High School. This was Day One of a five-day assignment. I was requested for this assignment. I’ve subbed for this teacher a few times in the past, and was quite pleased to know that I left enough of a good impression on my first day that she listed me as her preferred sub. Presumably, the students are the ones who gave me such rave reviews.

When I arrived at work this morning, I found a giant pile of plans on the table. If you happened to miss the picture I posted on Twitter (and Facebook), here it is:

This is what a week's worth of plans look like!

The teacher for whom I am subbing left incredibly organised, well prepared plans. There have been a few times when I have walked into a room and nearly had a panic attack. The plans for the week were also outlined on the chalkboard to the left of the picture. This allowed me to explain to the class the general outline for the week. All in all, I am confident this will be an excellent week.

One of the things I had waiting for me was a note from the teacher that said something along the lines of this:

Marcus* has been causing regular disruptions in all of his classes. If you need any assistance, please call the assistant principal. Also, please make a note of any discipline issues you may have. I am afraid that I will have to make a call to his parents soon.

This is not an uncommon note from a teacher, and I actually appreciate knowing that I may have some students who will be pushing limits and testing my management techniques. What was weird was that I experienced no such problems. In fact, Marcus was incredibly well-behaved, stayed on task, and got a lot of his work done today. After class I called him over to the desk and told him about the note and asked what had been going on. He just shrugged his shoulders and said, “I dunno.” So I praised him for his work today and encouraged him to do the same in all of his classes throughout the day. I passed this on to the teacher across the hall, who simply said that she hopes things will turn around for him.

I don’t know why he has been causing his teachers so much grief. I think it is odd that he doesn’t seem to know why, either. I’ll be interested to see if today was an exception or if he will continue to stay on task throughout the week. I’m also looking forward to continuing to work through the pile of plans that are on my desk this week!

* Names have been changed.

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