The daily musings of a substitute teacher in East Central Illinois.

Making It Up As I Go

Today I was a 3rd grade teacher at Kenwood Elementary in Champaign. I was a bit hesitant to accept the assignment based on my last experience at Kenwood in 2009. The class I had worked with then was among one of the worst classes I have ever seen. It was bad enough that I requested not to be assigned there again. Those students were in first grade, which meant that my students today would, possibly, be products of that year. However, ISAT testing is going on this week, so I am planning on fewer assignments than usual, so I took the opportunity.

I am glad I did, because the students today were awesome! They were a lot of fun, they worked hard, and the followed all the directions that were given today. This was particularly impressive because the teacher for whom I was subbing had no plans for the day. She had left on Friday with the possible beginnings of strep throat, and apparently decided to not come in today around 4:30 am. I arrived in the classroom and saw nothing indicating any kind of plans for the day. So I went to one of my neighbouring teachers and sought out her assistance. She gave me a brief outline for the day, provided some ISAT practice work, and set me on my way.

Days like today remind me that I am, indeed, a fully qualified and certified educator. I was able to make things up as I went without giving any indication that I really had no clue what I was doing. (Well, okay, I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t know what I would be doing from one moment to the next). I was pleased at how well everything went, I and I was pleased at how well the students were willing to do what was asked of them. I have no doubts that they will do quite well during the tests this week. And who knows, maybe I’ll be there again!

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