The daily musings of a substitute teacher in East Central Illinois.


Today I was unable to teach because I had to attend a mandatory meeting with creditors at the U.S. Federal Court Bankruptcy Division, or whatever the heck it is actually called. For those who may not be familiar with my not-to-distant past, my wife and I had taken over ownership of a small business in 2009. This was a few months before the recession hit with the banking/housing bust. After fighting mightily for six months, we finally had to close shop back in July of 2010. Too much loss and not nearly enough gain. Over the past several months, we’ve been working on closing up the business affairs, and a key element was the formal declaration of corporate bankruptcy.

It was actually a rather interesting experience, and blessedly painless. But it also took away a goodly chunk of my day. And so it was that I found myself not teaching. Instead I spent the morning driving a long distance through crappy winter weather conditions, sitting around for an hour, having a brief meeting with creditors (ironically named, as none of the creditors made an appearance), and then drove home through the still-crappy winter weather.

I will be teaching tomorrow, as well as Monday, barring an cancellations due to excessive cold (yes, they really do close the schools in East Central Illinois if it is “too cold” out). I was also asked by another teacher if I’d be available to sub for her tomorrow, but I was already scheduled. It is rather nice to be wanted by multiple teachers on the same day, though!

And speaking of being wanted by teachers…

Okay, so that doesn’t actually have anything to do with being wanted by teachers. I just saw this note on the bottom of the weekly announcements on a teacher’s desk and found it incredibly hilarious!

Also, I think I have just now set a record for the number of adverbs used in a single blog entry by yours truly.

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