The daily musings of a substitute teacher in East Central Illinois.


Today was the annual national day of remembrance for the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a federal holiday, there was no school in the districts in which I teach, although I heard that one district in the community was open in an attempt to make up for lost days back in August.

Dr. King is the only non-president for whom a federal holiday is named. That’s pretty impressive. There are many men and women with state holidays. (For example, in Illinois, we recognise Casmir Pulaski, a Polish military man who was involved in the Revolutionary War.) All day long there have been tributes to Dr. King and his message of nonviolence, social and economic justice, and equality, among many other things.

For those who have never watched it, or for those who wish to watch it again, as well as for my own benefit, I present the memorable speech Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave on the steps of the the Lincoln Memorial in my nation’s capital on 28 August 1963:

There is an awesome database online, American Rhetoric, that has the complete text, as well as audio and video, of this speech. American Rhetoric also shares videos, audio, and text of speeches from throughout America’s history, and from the silver screen (including the amazing speech by President Andrew Shepherd in The American President).

I hope you all had a great day, and I hope that we can all take part in not only sharing Dr. King’s dream but also in bringing it to pass.


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