The daily musings of a substitute teacher in East Central Illinois.

A Day of Much-Needed Rest

I did not teach today, nor did I have jury service. I had been given the day off by the judge yesterday, but there were no assignments available for me yesterday. This is not particularly surprising, as it was only the third day back from the Winter Break. So I was able to get some much-needed rest today. It also gave me a chance to tackle a few projects that I had had lying around waiting for me to take care of.

I spent a considerable amount of time this morning trying to get an old IDE hard-drive to work on my computer as a back-up drive. Usually, this is as easy as hooking the second drive to the ribbon for the first drive as on the slave plug. Unfortunately, my computer’s current drive is an SATA, and while the two are theoretically compatible, I just couldn’t get the computer to read either drive when I booted up the computer. I am sure there is some easy solution to this problem, but I couldn’t figure it out.

After conceding defeat, I began work on one of many Top Secret Projects that Gretch and I have. When we are ready to announce the project, I will let everyone know. I will let you know this, though: it is going to be awesome! I also applied for a few more jobs, including one in Mahomet that would start in just two weeks! There have already been several applicants, but I am going to keep my fingers crossed. It would be a full-time job for the remainder of the semester at Lincoln Trail Elementary School, teaching 4th grade. It would be an amazing blessing in my life to get this job, but I know that there have already been several applicants for the position.

Throughout the day, I watched more episodes of The X-Files on Netflix, which was entertaining, as always. I just learned that I will not be needed as a juror tomorrow, so I am hoping to pick up an assignment for the day. We shall see what we shall see!


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