The daily musings of a substitute teacher in East Central Illinois.

I Have Been Summoned

Way back in July, I was sent a questionnaire in the mail regarding my availability for Jury Duty. I had indicated that I would prefer to serve jury duty in the summer but, alas, ’twas not be so. I received my Petit Jury Summons in the mail in December, and began jury duty this morning. After sitting through an orientation for about an hour or so, I was released until 1:15 pm, when I was called to sit through jury selection.

There were about 40 or so of us called to sit through jury selection. The first twelve were called, and, of them, the judge and attorneys began the screening process, four at a time. Of the first three, one was excused. It took three tries to find a juror agreed upon by all, and they moved on to the next four. One was struck from the panel by the defense attorney, one was struck by the prosecutor, then two were excused by the judge. So we were up to 19 called when my name was randomly selected. So I was the 20th juror called, and selected as part of the second batch of four. If we have numbers as juror on the panel, I think I am juror number five, though.

I won’t say anything about the case, of course, but this is just to record some of the non-confidential information relating to my current adventures in jury service that will be taking the place of my adventures in substituting this week. This is my first time being summoned as a juror, and it is kind of cool that I have already been selected to serve on a jury. I know that it won’t be anything like they show on TV, and I have a hunch it will be a bit different from what John Grisham portrays (although, to be fair, the jury selection process was fairly similar to what he describes in his numerous books). I do know that it will be an interesting learning experience.

I’ll keep you posted with the limited information I can share. New adventures in substituting to resume next week (I hope).

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