The daily musings of a substitute teacher in East Central Illinois.

New Adventures Coming Soon!

Today I voluntarily took the day off to accomplish some urgent tasks. You see, earlier this year, I realised that only substituting in the Champaign schools was not going to quite cover all the bills. In addition, I’ve felt like I’ve been stagnating in my approach to subbing, because I am in the same schools teaching the same curriculum and working with the same group of kids. Of course, as a full-time teacher, I will be working in one school with just one group of kids, but, if and when that happens, I will have a whole new world of adventurations before me. In the meantime, I needed a way to a) earn more money, b) break out of my comfort zone, and c) gain more experience. So I approached three other school districts about working as a substitute teacher.

It turns out the process is more complicated than one would initially think. There are dozens of pieces of paperwork to complete, health exams, TB tests, immunisations, BBP trainings, fingerprinting, mandated reporter acknowledgements, and direct deposit authorisations to issue. Today was the culmination of this project.

In the morning, I drove out to Rantoul, where the relevant Regional Office of Education is headquartered, and spoke with a very nice woman about fingerprinting. It turned out that the Regional Office already had my fingerprints on file, so all I had to do was let her know which districts I was applying to, and she would fax the information over. So that wasn’t too bad. It could have been done on the phone, but I didn’t know the prints were on file, and she didn’t think to ask. Fortunately, while I was in Rantoul, I decided to skip on over to the Rantoul City School’s Superintendent’s Office and turn in all the paperwork for their district. Having accomplished that, I had successfully added myself to another substitute teacher registry.

Later this afternoon, I drove across town to Urbana, where I attended a fascinating seminar on Blood-Borne Pathogens, which informed me that I shouldn’t touch other people’s blood and, in the off-chance I do, I should clean it off, wash my hands, and tell my supervisor. Oh, and I should assume that everyone in the world is carrying Hepatitis B and HIV. Really, not a bad idea when it comes to coming in contact with other folks blood. I also learned that every school has an Automated Electronic Defibrilator but, since I am not trained in its use, I should never ever touch it. Just know where it is. I am thinking of getting trained, since, according to the nurse, all you have to know is how to turn it on.

Having done all that, I turned in my substitute teacher application with Urbana School District 116, and I am mailing the application for Mahomet-Seymour Community School District 137 this afternoon. When all is said and done, I will be registered as a substitute teacher in four districts: the three mentioned today, and Champaign Unit 4, which has been the source of all my substituting adventures thus far. I’m not sure how long it will take to start getting calls from these other districts, but I am definitely excited to be working more frequently!

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